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Developers, hobbyists or enthusiasts looking for a small easily embeddable software-defined radio (SDR) may be interested in the XTRX which is available from the Crowd Supply website priced at $599. The development team behind the XTRX saying it has been specifically designed to provide users with the best platform currently available for building SDR-based products, with demanding embedded applications in mind.

XTRX embedded SDR

“XTRX isn’t for everyone. We expect most people interested in XTRX to already have some experience with SDRs. If you’ve never used an SDR before, XTRX might be a bit overwhelming for you. XTRX might be right for you if you have: deployed SDR-based solutions in the field, wanted to develop a massive MIMO system only to realise you don’t have $1 million, cursed your SDR (or USB) for its latency, reliability, or cables or yearned to level-up your SDR skills with cutting-edge equipment.”

Features of the XTRX embedded SDR include :

– Best-in-class Performance: 2 x 2 MIMO, 120 MSPS SISO / 90 MSPS MIMO, and more
– Compact Form Factor: as a Mini PCIe card, it’s the smallest commercially available SDR
– Thermal Coupling: well-designed thermal interface to a heatsink
– Stable Clock: accurate enough for cellular standards
– GPSDO: on-board GPS disciplined oscillator
– Synchronized Clocks: share the same clock source across many boards
– SIM Card Reader: appears as a typical USB serial SIM card reader
– High-speed GPIO: 12 total, of which eight can form four matched LVDS lines

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