A new updated version of Xenoblade Chronicles will soon be available on the Switch. We already knew that the JRPG, which was originally released for the Wii in 2010, was coming to Nintendo’s portable-console hybrid this year. But in today’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, we got a firm release date for the port: That would be May 29th.

The game will have updated graphics, an improved menu system and battle interface, and more than 90 remastered tunes from the soundtrack. If you’ve played the game before, Nintendo hopes a new epilogue called Future Connected will tempt you to run through the main story again.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a continuation of the ‘Xeno’ series that started with Xenogears way back in 1998. If you haven’t played those games before, though, no worries: Chronicles is a fresh starting point that’s perfect for newcomers. The game was praised back in 2010 for its beautiful world, rewarding battle system and wealth of side quests and collectibles. It was enough to spawn a 3DS port and a Wii U sequel called Xenoblade Chronicles X in 2015. A numbered sequel was then released for the Switch in December 2017. Fans of the game should love this new port with brand new features.

Source Engadget

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