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Wristbuds is a new wearable that combines a smartwatch, earbuds and wireless charging case in one small package. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, CVC noise cancelling technology and a unique 90° rotatable earbud head for extra comfort the Wristbuds of this week launched via Kickstarter to raise the required funds needed to make the jump into production.

Early bird pledges are available from just $79 or roughly £61 offering a chance to save $70 off the recommended retail price. Worldwide delivery will commence during April 2020 and the small device offers the ability to carry your favourite songs on your wrist for enjoyment during workouts and your daily commute.


“In today’s non-stop digital world, earbuds have become an essential item for daily use. They let us leave the hassle of wires behind and set our music experience free. But at the same time, they present new problems – they are small and easy to misplace, they must be safely stored and they must remain charged and ready as we travel through our busy day. Introducing Wristbuds, a revolutionary product that combines the convenience and quality sound of TWS earbuds with an activity tracking smartwatch. The watch has essential features for fitness and health, music and phone calls, and securely holds and charges graphene-based wireless earbuds that deliver a superior audio experience with a patented, 90 ° rotatable perfect-fit design.”

“Wristbuds earbuds are super lightweight and always remain securely and comfortably in place in your ears. They were created using the latest ergonomic cochlear morphology design and rigorously tested for the ultimate fit. They use an innovative 90° rotatable design for a perfect fit at any angle and are comfortable for all-day use. They are made to stay put during exercise, outdoor activities travel and are the best option for active lifestyles.“

Source : Kickstarter

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