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The V3 Blaze Wallet Offers a lightweight, minimalist wallet allowing you to keep credit cards, cash, coins and more close at hand without the bulk of a traditional wallet. The V3 Blaze Wallet is even equipped with a lanyard ring, allowing you to attach your keys to the wallet making sure neither is separated. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the features of the new wallet created by Valmor Design.

“The V3 Blaze Wallet is custom-designed for busy modern-day professionals on the go. Lose the weight of your thick wallet but never compromise on performance. With a few specialized pockets and cutting-edge technology, you have everything you need and more.”

“The story of the Blaze Wallet is a story of doing more with less — of having a wallet that is sleek and thin but does just as much or more than a regular wallet. Our designers have pulled out all the stops to create something we dare to call revolutionary in wallet design. Gone are the days where you have to carry around a thick, fat brick of a wallet that bulges and makes you “sit crooked” all day.”

Features of the V3 Blaze Wallet :

– 2 Cards in front Pockets
– Central Pocket Holds 4-5 Cards
– Pull-Strap – Easily Obtain Your Cards
– The strong elastic strap that stores up to 4-6 cards
– Drop free Coin Pocket
– The leisure of a lanyard loop/keyring attachment
– Essential coin pocket for storing coins
– GPS Tracker Pocket
– Built-In NFC
– RFID Protection Within
– Work ID or Transit Card for Easy Scanning

Source: Kickstarter

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