smart distance meter

Mileseey DP10 the “world’s first” two-way laser smart laser distance meter has launched via Kickstarter this week offering a multifunctional laser rangefinder that is small enough to fit in your pocket and uses the power of your smartphone to provide instant measurements. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the smart laser measure and its companion application.

smart distance meter

“Introducing Mileseey DP10, a two-way laser smart measurement gadget that is cleverly designed for convenience and versatility. You can bring it everywhere with you, and the smart functions that comes along with it is user-friendly for anyone, including beginners in DIY. It is the ideal multifunctional measuring tool that suit all users including home renovators, architects, interior designers, construction workers, or even DIY lovers.”

“You can use the “Mileseey” App to access, control, and even upload data. It is compatible with all android phones with usb – c port. Just plug in to measure and the infrared laser from Mileseey DP10 will be released to measure the size. Even if the infrared laser is not at the same level, do not worry about measurement error. The angle can be adjusted though the app to get the accurate data.”

Features of the world’s first two-way laser smart laser distance meter :

– Intelligent multifunctional laser measurement tool
– Only one person needed to get accurate measurement
– Automatic area calculation/ volume intuitive
– Instant data measurement
– Automatically identify the right angle

Source : Kickstarter

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