The Wii U was a flop. So many thought that Nintendo was in big trouble. However, the Switch has turned things around for the company and it looks like it is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to the latest sales figures, the Nintendo Switch has managed to sell 52.48 million units so far. This is an impressive number when you consider that it has also managed to overtake the SNES in terms of console sales, which was Nintendo’s third best-selling console so far.

So if things keep going the way they are, there is a chance that the Switch could eventually overtake the NES, which is currently in second place, and the Wii, which is Nintendo’s best-selling console of all time. Nintendo has attributed the growth of the Switch with the launch of the Switch Lite, which is a smaller, more portable, and a more affordable version of the console.

There have been recent rumors suggesting that Nintendo could be launching a “Pro” model this year, but those rumors have since been put to rest with Nintendo’s President claiming that the company has no plans to introduce new hardware this year. Either way, the gaming company is doing great.

Source Ubergizmo

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