If you are searching for a versatile portable power supply you may be interested in the aptly named SolarHornet which is equipped with a solar panel and plenty of connectors to keep all your mobile devices powered while away from the grid. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more. Earlybird pledges are available from £1500 and worldwide shipping to certain countries is expected to take place during November 2020.



“Robust, universal, all-in-one, mobile, and modular: that was the challenge when developing the SOLARHORNET 1000. A solar power generator, which can be used anywhere, for both mobile and fixed installation, with a small footprint, and therefore ideal for vehicles and boats. The SOLARHORNET 1000 is sturdy and powerful enough for use on your off-road & outdoor trips or to provide power at work and on the go. It can also be transported to remote locations when on expedition to generate electricity from sunlight. Last but not least, SOLARHORNET 1000 can be installed and operated by anyone, enabling self-sufficiency and independence. “

“Despite its compact size, the SOLARHORNET 1000 modular, mobile solar power generator contains all the relevant technical and electronic components to make it an all-in-one solution for a wide variety of applications. It started with a vision and underwent a challenging development process. The SOLARHORNET 1000 solar power generator is an all-round talent with the following characteristics to provide you with self-sufficient power during your adventures.”

Features include :

– A robust, lightweight and stackable aluminium case; approx. 58 x 39 x 27 cm; both fasteners lockable; lift handles; solid and water ingress protection by IP44 standard
– on-top integrated 30W solar panel; 1000W/m2; operation temperature -40 to +85°C
– AGM deep cycle battery block with 1200Wh capacity (100Ah, 12V; soon also in 24V available)
– integrated solar controller including battery guard; max. 20A
– integrated inverter; pure sine wave; 1000W; peaks: +500W (150%) for 10sec., +1000W (200%) for 2sec., 230V by 50Hz; overvoltage protection; soft start; automatic shut-down by overload; overheat protection; efficiency factor 85-90%; operation temperature -15 to+ 40°C, operation humidity 20 to 90%
– integrated Residual Current operated Circuit-Breaker (RCCB / “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter”); Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB / “Line Switches”)
– accessible 12V fuses for device protection
– in-case connectivity: 1x on/off switch, 1x background lighted voltmeter display, 1x Dual-USB 4.1A / 2x USB charging connectors, 1x cigarette lighter jacks, 1x 230V plug-socket; space for placing charging devices
– on-case connectivity: 1x background lighted battery status / voltmeter display, 1x Dual-USB 4.1A / 2x USB charging connectors, 1x cigarette lighter jacks, 1x 230V plug-socket
– 1x MC4 connector for linking additional solar panels, 1x high-current connector to link supply system on board for charging by running engine; car battery guard included
– optional Bluetooth battery monitor; iOS & Android compatible (see your goody options in reward section)
– optional Quick-Charge 3.0 and USB-C sockets avaiable (see your goody options in reward section)
– <40 kilograms to allow standard international shipping by parcel services
– product conforms EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection by CE marking.

Source : Kickstarter

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