Social distancing badge

 Social distancing badge

With social distancing a large part of our daily lives at the moment, SensorDots an electronics firm based in Melbourne Australia has created a unique social distancing badge equipped with LiDAR technology. Providing quick distance feedback by measuring the space between you and other objects. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Arduino based LiDAR badge launched via Kickstarter this month.

Early bird pledges are available from AU$50 or roughly £25 and worldwide shipping is available.if all goes to plan worldwide shipping is expected to take place during May 2020. The development team explain a little more about the inspiration, technology and construction of the LiDAR sensor badge.

“The Social Distancing Badge does what it would say on the tin if it shipped in one. It quite simply displays the current distance to the closest target in front of it, on an easy to read display. The badge gets its measurements with millimeter precision, using an eye-safe Laser based LiDAR sensor as seen on our MappyDots. This readout gives others the confidence necessary to maintain the correct distance from you during these uncertain times.”

“While hibernating inside these last few weeks, our friends have shared their stories of woe about being out at the supermarket gathering essentials and having people standing way too close. So close that they can feel them breathing down their neck while they wait in line to be served. As a joke, we whipped together a prototype distance measurement badge that could be worn, to warn others of their impending closeness.”

Features of the social distancing badge include :

– Customisable Arduino based firmware (328PB microcontroller).
– Eye-safe VL53L1 LiDAR sensor.
– Micro USB serial and programming interface, as well as recharging.
– Hackable GPIO interface.
– 100mAh rechargeable button cell lithium battery.
– Optional lanyard or safety pin solder attachment points (badge includes solderable safety pin to clip to a shirt or jacket as well as 3.2mm holes on the top corners to attach a lanyard).
– 57mm x 38mm x 10mm badge size (thickness includes battery).
– Low power and easy to read 4 digit LCD display.
– Status/indicator LED and charging LED.
– Mode switching button.

Source : Kickstarter

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