Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 range of smartphones have the ability to record video in 8K and now we have details on how much storage this 8K video will use on your device.

If you record 8K video on the new Galaxy S20 handsets then it will use up 600 MB of storage for every one minute of video.

In comparison a 4K video takes around 340 MB to 350 MB of space, so 8K video could use almost double the storage of 4K.

The 8K videos on the Galaxy S20 range of handsets will be shot at 24 frames per second, this is apparently the industry standard for Holywood movies. There is no option to record 8K videos at 60 frames per second and the Snapdragon 865 and Samsung Exynos 990 only support 30 frames per second for 8K video.

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