Rocket Deck playing cards

Space enthusiasts are sure to enjoy playing with this new pack of playing cards providing information, statistics and facts about space travel, rocket science and SpaceX. Launched via Kickstarter last month the project already has over 350 backers with still 17 days remaining and earlybird pledges are available from just $12 or £10. With worldwide delivery expected to take place in a few months time during April 2020.

Rocket Deck space travel playing cards

Individual suits of the Rocket Deck playing cards are sub-themed as follows:-

– Hearts: Rocket Science Concepts
– Clubs: Epic Orbital Rockets
– Spades: Renowned Scientists and Innovators
– Diamond: SpaceX, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

“We need your support and backing to meet the minimum order quantity required for starting the production. Your continuous support in the design of cards and content has already helped in bringing this project to the current stage. On the accomplishment of the Kickstarter goal, we will be able to meet the required cost quoted by the manufacturing team and get the Rocket Deck in your hands.”

Rocket Deck space travel playing cards

– 100% plastic (PVC), 310 GSM, 290 microns, Premium printing.
– Resistance to bending, tear, and water (ensuring long-term life)
– Front side: Matte finish (textured) for good grip.
– Backside: Semi-glossy, for an aesthetic look.

Source : Kickstarter

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