ReduxBuds are a new set of artificial intelligent equipped noise cancelling true wireless earbuds equipped with graphene speakers to provide the best quality sound possible together with an ergonomic “all day comfort” fit.

Launched by Kickstarter this month the ReduxBuds wireless earbuds are now available from $85 or roughly £69 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during July 2020. When combined with their charging case the ReduxBuds earbuds are capable of providing up to 1 hours of use and include hands-free calling and offer digital assistant support for both Apple’s Siri and Google Home.



“Are you ready to listen smarter? ReduxBuds are the first smart truly wireless earbuds. Powered by AI, the earbuds intelligently filter sound from your surroundings so you can enjoy a conversation, hear alarms, and be aware of traffic while remaining immersed in your music. Add dynamic nano speakers, a custom-designed ergonomic fit, and a 100-hour battery, and you’ve got a pair of earbuds that you’ll never want (or need) to live without.”

“ReduxBuds is proud to introduce your ears to graphene nanotech speakers. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon that is 200x stronger than steel and 1000x thinner than paper. Graphene’s incredible strength and ultra-light weight enable it to create sound waves much more efficiently than traditional coil drivers. ReduxBuds phase out loud external noises so you can enjoy your music without having to crank up the volume and put your hearing at risk.”

Source : Kickstarter

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