Raspberry Pi Zero Battery Board

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking to mate there Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC portable may be interested in the Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero battery board which is now available to preorder priced at $50 and allows you to power your Pi Zero using two AA batteries. The Raspberry Pi battery board can be customised to your exact requirements using Geppetto, an easy and affordable way to create production quality electronics.

“Take your Raspberry Pi Zero anywhere with the Raspberry Pi Zero Battery IMU. Add a camera to enable totally wireless video streaming. Charge the two AA batteries by plugging in the Pi Zero to a micro-USB connector. Designed by Gumstix in Geppetto, the Raspberry Pi Zero Battery IMU board allows you to take your Raspberry Pi Zero anywhere. Simply pop in two rechargeable NiMH or NiCd batteries into the holder and you’re ready to go anywhere with you Raspberry Pi Zero.”

Raspberry Pi battery board

“Charging the batteries is as easy as plugging in your Raspberry Pi Zero using a USB cable, as per usual. With the onboard Bosch BMI160 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope you can easily track motion. Add a camera to enable totally wireless video streaming. Gumstix modular hardware is developed to connect to multiple networking capabilities, sensors, and components that are required for machine learning and neural networking.”

Source : Liliputing : LinuxGizmos

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