Raspberry Pi Debounce

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested in a new upcoming project which will soon be available via Crowd Supply in the form of the Raspberry Pi Debounce HAT. A six-channel, fully isolated and debounced input HAT specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi mini PC. The Debounce HAT provides six channels of opto-isolated, debounced digital inputs to a Raspberry Pi-compatible single board computer (SBC).

Possible applications for the Raspberry Pi HAT include : Digital inputs with ESD protection, Mechanical switch / interlock inputs, Isolated sensor interface and Isolated DC voltage sensing. All inputs accept 3 – 12V with arbitrary polarity and can alternatively be connected to open-collector outputs or mechanical switches leveraging the on-board isolated 5V supply.

Features of the Raspberry Pi Debounce HAT :

– 6 input channels (grouped as 3 pairs).
– Uncommitted inputs (100V channel-to-channel isolation)
– 2 kV AC isolation between pairs (connector limited)
– 5 kV AC (8kV HBM) opto-isolation to SBC logic
– 4 kV DC isolated 5V 200 mA supply (DCDC converter limited)
– Mounting points for earth connection
– Spark gap overvoltage protection on all isolated connections.
– 2.5 mm spring terminals for 0.2-1.0 mm² wires (22-16 AWG)
– 16 mm PCB height with connectors
– 2.5 mm spring terminal for 5V/3A input for 0.2-1.0 mm² wires (22-16 AWG)
– Raspberry Pi-compatible mounting hole pattern

Source : Crowd Supply

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