Protect your online privacy

Protecting your online privacy is a priority with most Internet users but making sure your home network and all your devices are secure from malware, tracking and other malicious threats while browsing the web can be a daunting task. Winston has been designed to solve this, offering an easy to install solution to protect your entire network and every device connecting through it with one simple installation.

Winston connects to your existing home network thanks to a “60 second setup and forget operation” say it’s creators, and is now available via Indiegogo with a 60% saving off the lifetime package. Winston already has over 4,000 backers raising over $1,000,000 in funding in deliveries expected to take place next year during January 2020. Check out the features of Winston below and watch the video on how it can protect your online privacy while you browse the web.

Protect your online privacy

Check out the comparison table below to learn more about the features you can expect from the Winston hardware once it has been connected to your home network. Winston Protects your online privacy and a wide variety of different ways including cloaking your IP and protecting all your connected devices throughout your home.

“Winston’s founder, Richard Stokes, was in the ad-tech industry for over a decade, most recently as the Global Head of Innovation for the media intelligence division of the world’s largest advertising agency. In that role, he saw the industry move to embrace new technologies that track, mine, and sell private information (imagine every song you like, every relationship, every purchase you make, and every secret you have being stored forever in the cloud). That was the beginning of the omnipresent surveillance state. Rich decided this was not a world that he wanted his children to grow up in. It all came down to one question…if he wasn’t the person to do something about it, then who would?”

Protect your online privacy

Protecting your online privacy is becoming a part of everyday life, Winston offers an all-in-one system specifically designed to take the hard work out of protecting your home network and family from advertising, intrusive third-party programs, trackers and malware. The easy to set up plug-n-play hardware filter reclaims your use of the Internet on all connected devices at home, protecting your online privacy from advertisers, governments, hackers and big tech companies. Jump over to the crowdfunding campaign page to make sure you are one of the first backers to benefit from its online privacy protection services.

Source: Indiegogo

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