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Photographers looking for a lightweight portable off-camera speed light camera flash system may be interested in the PiXLIGHT. It’s unique design sets it apart from other flash photography products and thanks to its portable design and rechargeable batteries the system is available when and where you need.

Launched via Kickstarter this month project has already raised over $70,000 thanks to over 200 backers with still 27 days remaining. The PiXLIGHT system synchronises with your smartphone or any professional camera and comes with a variety of features and adapters that can be used to add even more creativity to your photography and lighting setups.

“PixLight is a lightweight, portable, and off-camera speedlight for ALL photo lovers. Installing and uninstalling fast, PiXLIGHT allows you to easily add perfect lighting to your photo shooting sessions. Regardless of your level of photography skills, you can use this product for any type of photography genres, from wedding to portrait, product to food, architecture to fashion. When it is the time to go for photo shooting, all you need is your professional camera or smartphone and PiXLIGHT. Yes, PiXLIGHT syncs with smartphones. It is an environmentally friendly product coming with rechargeable batteries. “

Source : Kickstarter

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