There have been three sets of Overwatch League cancellations due to the coronavirus outbreak, so now Blizzard is trying to make the best of this bad situation. The company has released the updated Overwatch League March and April schedule. It eliminates the need for teams to travel as you might have guessed.

For the next month-and-a-half, the league’s clubs will only compete online against opponents in the same geographic region as them. This week’s games see the San Francisco Shock, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant and Seoul Dynasty, all of which are based on the west coast of the US, playing against one another. Some teams will need to play more frequently to catch up to the number of matches they were originally scheduled to have played by this point in the season.

Blizzard originally balanced this year’s schedule around the fact that teams would play against opponents in their own conference twice. But with this updated schedule, that’s not possible. Some teams will play more than three matches against the same opponent, while other squads won’t play against each other at all. These changes may lead to further tweaks down the road as Blizzard tries to build a balanced format. It should be interesting.

Source Engadget

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