VR controller charging

VR controller charging

Oculus virtual reality gamers looking for a charging station to keep their controllers topped up with juice ready for action may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign to create an Oculus Quest and Rift S controller charging station. The charging station will remove the need to constantly swap out single use or rechargeable double a batteries. Features include :

– Fully charges in 1.5 hours
– Charge lasts for up to 1 week with standard use
– Batteries holds charge for up to 3 months with no use
– Charging Dock is designed to be placed on a desk or mounted to a wall with the included mounting kit
– Easily swap our batteries with standard AA batteries as you wish
– Magnetic connector allows you to securely dock your controllers yet easily pick them up for quick use.
– Optional USB-C connector – details coming soon!
– Durable and elegant modern design. It’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing!

The charging station is available in three different versions Light, Standard and Pro depending on your requirements and budget.

– Light: Just the left and right Oculus Touch controller charging kit. This edition doesn’t include the dock and is perfect for portability. Just plug the controllers in with the provided charging cables.
– Standard: Our standard kit includes the controller charging system and charging dock. The charging dock offers a convenient way to store and charge you controllers. It can be kept on your desk or mounted to your wall using the included mounting brackets.
– Pro: Our pro kit includes everything in the Standard kit, plus an integrated headset mount so that you Oculus headset and controllers can be charged while elegantly stored. The headset mount doesn’t included a charger for the headset at this time.

“My name is Sean Ong, founder of Ong Innovations – a Mixed Reality development company located just south of Seattle in Tukwila, WA. As an avid Oculus Quest user and developer, I quickly became frustrated by how often I needed to change the AA batteries on my controller. I thought rechargeable batteries would provide some relief, but I still disliked the need to open the Touch Controller cover and swap out those batteries, and my fingernails were getting tired of prying out the batteries. “

“This problem increased exponentially (4,000 fold to be exact) when we started working on an Oculus Quest-powered VR Arcade system intended to serve dozens of locations throughout the USA. Ong Innovations needed to quickly design, prototype, and supply Oculus Touch charging systems to Manuvr Entertainment for the VR Arcade deployments in order to avoid operators changing AA batteries for 4,000 controllers on a weekly basis. We successfully designed and started cranking out beautiful charging systems for the arcades. However – we were using low-volume manufacturing (3D printing) – with high per-unit costs.”

Source : Kickstarter

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