Oculus Quest hand tracking

The developing team at Oculus this week announced that enhancements have been made to the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset and controllers, enabling them to activate automatically when a user is not using the controllers. Watch the quick demonstration video below created by the team at Upload VR.

Experimental controller-free hand tracking for Quest in December, but not until this week’s update did the feature activate automatically. Requiring that users activate the feature manually from the main menu. No Oculus Quest update v13 Brings with it the option to enable Hand Tracking enabled automatically whenever you put down your Touch controllers, and disable automatically when you pick them back up again.

Quest firmware v13 is rolling out this week, so don’t worry too much if your VR system has not yet benefited from the feature, leaving your headset on standby connected to both power and WiFi should prompt the update to install, says UploadVR.

Source : UploadVR

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