Electrical engineering student Tor Kaufmann Gjerde based in Trondheim, Norway has created a small Arduino powered limited-edition Nixie tube clock which is now available to purchase via Kickstarter. Early bird pledges are available from £132 worldwide shipping expected to take place during May 2020.

nixie tube clock Kickstarter

nixie tube clock

“Studying electrical engineering I came across these really fascinating smal pieces of electronic history – enter the nixie-tubes. Back in the days before LEDs (light emitting diodes) were invented, nixie tubes were used in scientific and military electronic equipment to display numbers and letters. The goal of this project is to combine modern circuitry, electronics and manufacturing methods together with the old tube-tech in order to create a sleek looking highly customisable clock/display. “

“Going through multiple prototypes I’ve had two key parameters in mind: Quality and reliability. The final version of the NIXLER will be built using tested quality components and assembled and inspected by me personally here in Trondheim Norway. The polished plasma-cut aluminium frame together with the white enclosures makes for a minimalistic design directing focus and attention towards the beautiful nixie tubes.” 

Source : Kickstarter

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