The lockdown has made some people a bit stir crazy. If that sounds like you, the good news is that if you own the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has recently released a free game for you to enjoy. If you like a game of jump rope anyway.

The company has announced a free title called the Jump Rope Challenge. It is pretty much as its name suggests. Players will be able to jump rope using their Joy-Cons to emulate the experience of jumping rope in the real world. According to Nintendo, this game was developed by developers who were working from home in Japan to help incorporate some physical movement in their life while making it a fun and social game. So it’s all about exercise and fun while you are at home.

Nintendo already has a couple of fitness-related titles for the Switch, like the Ring Fit Adventure. However, that game is sold out in many places around the world and is hard to get ahold of right now, so this freebie should be a good replacement and help to make up for it. Just so you know, this will not be a free game for life. Limited time only.

Source Ubergizmo

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