16 inch MacBook Pro

16 inch MacBook Pro

We have already seen various videos about the new 16 inch MacBook Pro, including reviews, unboxing videos and now we have another one.

The new video from MacRumors gives us a look at some benchmarks and also performance tests for the MacBook Pro.

The model tested in the video is the 8 core 2.3 GHz Intel Core i9 with 16GB of RAM and 4GB of video RAM, the new MacBook score 6,733 in the Geekbench 5 multi-core tests. The 15 inch model that it replaces scored 5,781.

From the video it looks like this is Apple’s most powerful MacBook to date, Apple has designed this new MacBook to be used by professional and the fact that it comes with up to 8TB of storage is impressive.

It will be interesting to see how the top model with all of the upgrades performs in the benchmarks. Pricing for the new MacBook Pro start at $2,399, the top model costs $6,099.

Source & Image Credit: MacRumors

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