Might & Magic Chess Royale game

Android gamers may be interested to know that the preregistration page for Ubisoft’s Might & Magic: Chess Royale has now been published to the Google Play store allowing those interested to register. The new game allows you to fight 99 other players on a real-time chess battlefield and be the last hero standing! Re-discover classic units and heroes from the Might & Magic high-fantasy universe and create deep strategies in ten-minute competition. Check out the video below to learn more

“Create unique synergies and overcome your opponents each round! Combine specific units, factions and heroes to claim victory.
Scout other players and adapt to their own synergies and units’ picks. Tactical management and display of units on the battle grid is essential.

Manage your Gold buy buying units and magic Spells with unique abilities and effects.
Anticipate the unit’s availability in the Shop by scouting the most played compositions. Keep an eye on the Spells Shop to be aware of the current meta.

Tons of Heroes & Units to collect from the Might and Magic Universe, each has unique abilities and belong to a specific faction.
Merge, merge and merge! Upgrade units buy merging them together to become mightier, up to three stars! “

Features of the  Might & Magic Chess Royale game include :

– Live thrilling fights against 99 other players! Each round count: who will be the last Hero standing on the battlefield?
– Loose quick, win quick! Enjoy a crafted experience of the autobattler for shorter & exciting games!
– Watch massive battles unfold with amazing visuals, witness your armies unleash its fury on your opponent with thrilling ultimates & Spells
– Outsmart your opponents in 1V1 battles
– Numerous updates & in-game events will come and change the meta regularly, adapt your strategy to each new update!
– Relive the classic experience of the strategy RPG reference, this time on a chess battlefield!
– Feel the Might & Magic world in this high heroic fantasy adventure!

Source: Google Play Store

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