Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate

Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate

Microsoft has announced its new graphics innovation DirectX 12 Ultimate, specifically designed for gamers and of course the companies new Xbox Series X console, launching later this year around Thanksgiving 2020. Microsoft has created a new logo for the DirectX 12 Ultimate technology enabling consumers to easily confirm they will be purchasing graphics hardware featuring the latest rendering technology such as DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback and more. Microsoft explains the DirectX 12 Ultimate logo offers a “mark of quality to ensure stellar “future-proof” feature support for next generation games.”

“DirectX12 Ultimate is fundamentally an additive initiative that provides gamers with assurance that their hardware meets the highest bar for feature support in next-generation games. It is very important to note that DX12 Ultimate will not impact game compatibility with existing hardware which does not support the entire breath of DX12 Ultimate features. In fact, next-generation games which use DX12 Ultimate features will continue to run on non-DX12 Ultimate hardware. Though such hardware won’t provide the visual benefits of the new features, it can still provide a very compelling gaming experience on next generation games, depending on the specifics of the hardware. The PC ecosystem encompasses a broad variety of hardware and DX12 Ultimate makes that ecosystem strictly better with no adverse effect on hardware which does not support DX12 Ultimate!”

“Microsoft’s Game Stack exists to bring developers the tools they need to create bold, immersive game experiences, and DX12 Ultimate is the ideal tool to amplify gaming graphics. DX12 Ultimate is the result of continual investment in the DirectX 12 platform made over the last five years to ensure that Xbox and Windows 10 remain at the very pinnacle of graphics technology. To further empower game developers to create games with stunning visuals, we enhanced features that are already beginning to transform gaming such as DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading, and have added new major features such as Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback.”

For more information all the features you can expect from Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate jump over to the official Microsoft developer blog by following the link below.

Source : DirectX Developer Blog : AMD : NVIDIA

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