LoRa modem for digital sensors

The development team at Snap Technologies has created a new LoRa modem for digital sensors allowing the easy connection of any digital Internet of Things sensor with a serial interface. Watch the videos below for an in-depth overview of the features, specifications and applications available when using the Plug & Play LoRa modem.

Early bird pledges are available from £57 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during July 2020. The compact BR100 modem provides wireless connectivity for any type of device that can communicate serially using the RS485 standard, for example digital sensors, display units and computers.

“The BR100 modem replaces physical cables with Semtech’s LoRa, one of the best long-range wireless communication technologies available. By itself, a BR100 network can work as a standalone ad-hoc network without an Internet connection. Synap Wireless IoT always operates as a private network. A Network ID is assigned to all BR100 and X10 devices that belong together. What makes the network private is that devices will listen only to messages carrying the same Network ID. All messages from other devices are discarded.”

“The problem of reaching sensors in radio blind spots is easily solved with an extra BR100 modem! By a button press, you turn the BR100 into a signal repeater. Still no configuration or programming is needed, just install the BR100 repeater to extend the network range instantly. A smart algorithm prevents message looping between repeaters close to each other. SynapShield is the security protocol of Synap Wirelss IoT. It was originally developed to secure the industrial Synap network for mission-critical IoT applications such as utilities’ meter data collection, and is now protecting all Synap equipment. SynapShield enforces AES-256 encryption with dynamic encryption key, changing for every data packet transmitted. In addition, a data integrity check is performed using SHA 256 bit hashing.”

For more details and full specifications of the LoRa modem for digital sensors jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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