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LOM X-Scooter is a new electric scooter designed for your daily mobility needs, offering a compact, smart and safe yet powerful mode of electric transport designed by the development team at Glafit in Japan. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the electric scooter which is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges offering a 32% discount off the recommended retail price. If all goes to plan and worldwide shipping to certain countries is expected to take place during June 2020.

Electric scooter specifications

“The team has approached the design of the LOM from the ground up. Typical e-scooter’s have two small wheels on each end of a plank. Even with pneumatic tires and shock suspension, you can still lose traction, the frame can deform and cause unwanted hardware problems. Have you ever thought about taking your e-scooter down a flight of stairs? LOM was designed by a team that has the experience and knows what it takes to build and design durable 2 wheel vehicles. Its unique frame and large tires will get you anywhere in severe conditions, meaning its the only e-scooter that will take a beating and still remain intact.”

“How many times have you wanted to carry something larger than your backpack while riding your e-scooter. LOM is built to haul up to 220lbs / 100kg of stuff and comes with an optional trailer so that you can carry a surfboard to the sea, or bring groceries back home from across town without having to take a car. Why choose a boring e-scooter that limits your options when everything you do can be done with the LOM.”

For more information on the LOM X electric scooter jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page, where the campaign has raised over $50,000 with still 27 days remaining on its campaign.

Source : Kickstarter

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