Dynamic Space Grey PC chassis

Dynamic Space Grey PC chassis

Thanks to a collaboration between Lian Li and PCMR a new PC chassis has been created in the form of the O11 Dynamic Space Grey Special Edition. The new PC case is now available to purchase priced at $160 directly from the Lian Li website.

“The premium look and feel of the O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION case is achieved via a meticulous and rigorous crafting process. While the chrome panels undergo electroplating and extensive polishing for an impeccable finish, the glass panels receive a reflective mirror treatment, and the metal frame a space grey coating, resulting in its final, unique appearance.”

“With only 2000 manufactured units, the O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION is truly a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. Each unit features a unique LIAN LI and PCMR production number plaque, so it is up to you to make something special out of this limited edition case and make the PCMR community proud! We can’t wait to see your next masterpiece!”

“When it came down to selecting a case for this collaboration, LIAN LI and PCMR couldn’t agree more. Only the stylish, versatile, and beloved O11 Dynamic could best represent the spirit of the community. Keeping what makes the original O11 Dynamic such a popular case – seamless tempered glass panels, dual-chamber layout, multiple radiator compatibility- the O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION also integrates a chrome mirror finish and highly reflective glass panels.”

Source : Lian Li

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