A new virtual reality controller has launched by Kickstarter this month in the form of KupVR, designed to offer virtual reality gamers an affordable finger tracking VR controller. KupVR It’s compatible with SteamVR and mobile VR technologies and allows you to enjoy a truly virtual hands during your VR experiences.

Earlybird pledges are available from $89 or roughly £76 offering a 25% limited time discount. If all goes to plan worldwide shipping is expected to take place during August 2020.

“Open your hands and reach out for KupVR, the new hand and finger tracking device that is affordable as no other, because we believe everybody deserves to have virtual hands and interact in the digital world on a natural and intuitive way. We are not fond of buttons, we want a simple and open natural experience with hand gestures and virtual hands, hence we have designed KupVR to be compact and minimalist, freeing up your fingers to do more fun and interesting things in the digital world.”


“KupVR is unique in many ways, thus we do not want to stop at compatibility but also we want to explore the new and different ways to PLAY DIFFERENT!, at the end that is why we started all this. We are collaborating with independent game studios to deliver 4 gaming experiences. Fasten your Kup-Controllers because this is what is about to come. We love creative people and we want to see what they can make with KupVR, thus we have decided that KupVR to be born open. Hack the controls, modify the software, whatever you like, we are just intrigued what can the world make with it. Would you use the virtual hands in a different way? or twist the hardware entirely?”

Source : Kickstarter

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