If you are in them market for a rugged diver’s watch the Limited Addition Knut Gadd Cult Diver Arctic Circle watch may be worth more research. Launched via Kickstarter this month early bird pledges are available from $248 or roughly £192 for the trailblazer early bird pledges. Worldwide delivery is expected to take place during July 2020. The watch is available in two different finishes offering Deep Ocean Black and Deep Marine Blue. Watch the video below to learn more about its features, construction and inspiration.

Divers watch

“We set out to make the perfectly designed diver watch from the best available materials and offer it at an unbeatable price. In honor of the great north, each arctic circle edition is put to the test at the bottom of an arctic lake, just to make sure it can handle the adventure. An engraved back case depicting an arctic map highlights the exact coordinates and commemorates the adventure your cult diver arctic circle edition has undertaken. “

Divers watch

“Our working prototypes have been rigorously tested to meet the standards we expect from a high-qualitative diver’s watch. It’s currently ready for production and we have a slotted time with our manufacturer to ensure there are no production delays. We therefore fully expect to meet our projected delivery dates. Our Arctic testing of each watch will take place during a 72-hour Arctic lake submersion at 100 feet. We will document this and update you on the progress and process. In general, our updates will be frequent, and we will always be available online for questions from backers, ensuring that you will be in the loop at every stage of the process.”

Source : Kickstarter

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