Cirrus Cycles has designed and created a bicycle suspension stem aptly named the Kinekt, which not only provides a more comfortable ride but also reduces fatigue during your journey by eliminating harsh bumps and annoying vibrations. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the inspiration behind the Kinekt and its design.


“When cycling, there’s not much worse than rough pavement, potholes, cracks, and the vibrations from dirt and gravel roads. Numb hands, sore wrists, tight neck and shoulders! We’ve experienced the same aches and pains. So we built on the success of our Kinekt Suspension Seatpost, using the same patented parallelogram design, and created the Kinekt Active Suspension Stem. It smooths out every ride. You get more comfort, better control on your bike, and less fatigue. It’s a total game changer. “

“Add a Kinekt Active Suspension Stem to your bike, and you’ll immediately feel the difference. It’s amazing. Our proven parallelogram spring design helps eliminate high frequency vibrations that cause common cycling complaints. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, with less pain and less fatigue when you ride.”

Early bird pledges are available from $139 or roughly £108 and the campaigners already raised over $45,000 thanks to nearly 300 backers with still 25 days to go. Worldwide shipping is available and expected to take place during May 2020.

Source : Kickstarter

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