vehicle jump starter

vehicle jump starter

Jumpi as a small compact device that is not only capable of jump starting your vehicle but also provides a portable battery pack and handy vacuum cleaner to help keep your vehicle clean and tidy. Launched by Kickstarter this month the campaigners already raised over $30,000 with still 34 days remaining and early bird pledges are available from roughly $75 depending on exchange rate.

“Jumpi is a multifunctional vacuum that lives in your car. It’s a powerful vacuum by day and a life-saver when emergency strikes. Jumpi is equipped with jumper cables and a power bank, so you’ll never be on the road without a helping hand. As we spend more and more time on the road, car safety is an essential that many neglect. Are you prepared for what the road has in store? Jumpi keeps you clean, comfortable, and always connected. And in an emergency, you’ll have the power to safely jump your battery in seconds – without another car.”

For more information and to make a pledge jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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