iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S20

iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S20

Earlier we saw a video of the Galaxy S20 Ultra vs the iPhone 11 Pro Max and now we have another video, this time it is the iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S20.

This new video from Mrwhostheboss gives us a look at the new Galaxy S20 up against Apple’s iPhone 11, lets see how the two handsets compare.

As we can see from the video both handsets are designed to be the entry level versions of Apple’s iPhone 11 range and Samsung’s S20 range, although the Samsung device does have the latest specifications.

Which one of these two handsets would you choose? Leave a comment below and let us know. It will be interesting to see how the Galaxy S20 compares to the new iPhone 12 when it launches later this year.

Source & Image Credit: Mrwhostheboss

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