Intel NUC Elements

if you are interested in learning more about the Intel NUC Elements mini PC you will be pleased to know that the Koolshare and Fanless Tech websites have revealed what’s under the hood. Revealing that thermal paste is used inside the NUC 8 Compute Element mini PC which is powered by a 15W Whiskey Lake i7-8665U. Although the Elements range allows you to choose from 8th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel Pentium Gold processors, or Intel Celeron processors.

Intel NUC Elements has been created to provide an entirely new way to design and build solutions and mini PC systems. “The Intel NUC Compute Element along with a series of Intel-designed components, deliver the flexibility of modular computing” says Intel.

– Start with an Intel NUC 8 Compute Element with the exact processor you need and plug it into an Intel NUC Board Element, your own board, or another third-party board, and create the unique solution for your customers’ needs.

– The Intel NUC 8 Compute Element is forward compatible, so you won’t have to redesign your board when we release an Intel NUC Compute Element with the latest generation processor.

Source : Intel :  Fanless Tech : Koolshare

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