HyperDrive GEN2

The development team at Hyper based in San Francisco have launched their 11th Kickstarter campaign this week to bring you the HyperDrive GEN2 a next-generation USB-C hub equipped with 100W USB-C power delivery. Optional demonstration video below to learn more about the next generation USB-C herb which is now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges from just $59 or £46.

If all go to plan worldwide shipping is expected to take place during March 2020 and three different versions are available offering 6 ports, 12 ports and 18 ports depending on your connectivity needs.

“We released our first USB-C hub back in 2015 for the 12″ MacBook. In 2016, we introduced the HyperDrive USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro which went on to become the World’s most crowdfunded USB-C accessory and probably the most popular USB-C Hub to date. Introducing the next generation of USB-C hubs with 2X the speed and 2X the power of 1st generation USB-C hubs, HyperDrive GEN2. Get 2X video refresh speed, 2X USB transfer speed, 3X memory card transfer speed, and 2X power delivery”

USB-C hub

Connection on the HyperDrive GEN2 USB-C hub include :

– 4K60Hz HDMI HDR (vs 4K30Hz HDMI on 1st generation USB-C hubs)
– 300MB/s UHS-II MicroSD/SD (vs 104MB/s UHS-I MicroSD/SD)
– 10Gb/s USB-A Gen 2 (vs 5Gb/s USB-A Gen 1)
– 100W USB-C Power Delivery (vs 60W USB-C Power Delivery)

6 Port version of HyperDrive GEN2
– MicroSD UHS-II
– 3.5mm Audio Jack
– USB-A 10Gbps
– USB-C Power Delivery 100W

12 Port version of HyperDrive GEN2 includes an additional
– USB-A 10Gbps
– USB-A 2.0
– USB-A 2.0
– Gigabit Ethernet
– DisplayPort 4K60Hz

18 Port version of HyperDrive GEN2 includes an additional
– USB-A QC 3.0 18W
– USB-A 10Gbps
– DC Power Port
– Digital Coaxial Audio
– Optical Toslink Audio

Source : Kickstarter

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