Android 11 Public Beta

Android 11 Public Beta

Google has released their new Android 11 Public Beta and the software is now available for everyone to try out.

It was due to be released earlier this month, but Google delayed the release slightly, it brings a wide range of new features to Android devices.

The global community of Android developers has always been a powerful force in shaping the direction of the Android platform; each and every voice matters to us. We have cancelled the virtual launch event to allow people to focus on important discussions around racial justice in the United States. Instead, we are releasing the Android 11 Beta today in a much different form, via short-form videos and web pages that you can consume at your own pace when the time is right for you. Millions of developers around the world build their business with Android, and we’re releasing the Beta today to continue to support these developers with the latest tools. We humbly thank those who are able to offer their feedback on this release.

You can find out more details about the new Android 11 Public Beta over at Google at the link below.

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