Anyone who uses the Ozobots robot for teaching or self-development may be interested in a new reusable robot track aptly named GeniusLinks. Equipped with magnets the tiles snap together to easily create a wide variety of different routes and paths for your Ozobots to follow. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the kids which are available via Kickstarter from just $20 for eight sections.

“Ozobots are popular line-following robots, but with an Achilles Heel: you must draw the lines and codes exactly right, or they get stuck. That can be frustrating for kids, parents and teachers alike. Plus, constantly replacing markers, paper and code stickers is expensive, and wasteful.”

“That’s why we invented Robot Tracks, by GeniusLinks: patent-pending plastic inserts that fit into Playmags magnetic tiles. Each has a line or code permanently printed on it that Ozobots can read. The magnets inside the Playmags keep the tracks lined up perfectly. You can quickly move tiles to make different layouts–even when the Ozobot is in motion. This unique ability unlocks really creative challenges that you simply can’t experience any other way.”

Source : Kickstarter

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