Companies are doing their best to navigate the coronavirus’ global crisis, seeking ways to remain profitable. Discord has relaxed its user limits on streaming. Uber Eats has waived delivery fees for independent restaurants. And now GameStop will be selling Doom Eternal a day early in a bid to reduce crowding at its stores. This should ease the number of people you will have to be in contact with in order to get it.

The game was due for release on March 20th, which is the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops. In a tweet, GameStop said it would be selling Doom a day early as a “safety precaution” to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The move is good news for Doom fans, although many are questioning why the store is open at all during this precarious time. Well, like we said, companies have to make money, but they are also trying to help people avoid problems at the same time.

At least Doom fans will have the chance to get the game a day early and they should not have to face extra crowds to do so. That’s not a bad compromise for anyone willing to get the game.

Source Engadget

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