Fuffee the unique coffee mug fitted with an integrated E ink display and utilises thermal energy to create a new style of social platform as well as providing a great vessel for your favourite cup of coffee. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Fuffee coffee mug created by Nocero Beguhe.

Launched by Indiegogo the Fuffee Mug is available at a discounted price saving you 30% off the recommended retail price, with worldwide shipping expected to take place sometime around May 2020.

“Drinking with Fuffee Mug adds another taste to your coffee. By implementing the cutting-edge technology, Fuffee Mug enables you to enjoy your time of coffee drinking, to colorize your social network as well as to improve the quality of your life itself. Giving you the unique feeling & taste for your every coffee moment – this is our ultimate goal & idea under the invention of Fuffee Mug. Please taste the new feeling of drinking coffee and colorize your life with Fuffee Mug. By harnessing thermal energy from a coffee Fuffee becomes a battery-free social platform mug that enables you to cooperate with various media’s brands and services. You’ll feel something different each time you drink your Fuffee.”

e Ink coffee mug

Source : Indiegogo

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