Epic’s current Fortnite season is all about secret agents, and that now includes direct references to spy movies. An update to the battle royale shooter has now introduced a Kingsman umbrella that, like the one in the film series, deflects bullets when you open it toward your enemy. You can’t use it forever because that would be unfair, but it might save your life if you’re out of ammo or need some cover.

The umbrella also works as a melee weapon and even a temporary glider if you need it. Just don’t expect to pull off a Mary Poppins. You’ll hit the ground much more quickly than you would if you used your normal glider.

This same update also introduces an inflatable crash pad that can save you from taking fall damage if you need to make a dramatic leap for any reason.

We don’t know how long the special umbrella and crash pad will last in Fortnite. While they last, though, they could have a big impact on your gameplay. If nothing else, it’s always fun to see secret agent references in games that don’t revolve around James Bond. This should be fun for fans of the popular game.

Source Engadget

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