EEZ Bench Box 3

EEZ Bench Box 3

Developers, electronic enthusiasts and makers searching for a modular, open source test and measurement chassis may be interested in the EEZ Bench Box 3 created by Envox. The modular system expands on the previous systems and offers users a “new category of modular Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment” say its creators. Check out the video below to learn more.

The EEZ Bench Box 3 has been created to provide “a complete open-source hardware and software framework that bridges the gap between – and combines the best features of – DIY hobbyist tools and professional benchtop equipment. BB3 was inspired by the EEZ H24005 power supply, which attracted many enthusiasts with its broad feature-set, rich user interface, DIY-friendliness, and fully open-source design. BB3 will initially ship with modules that provide the same functionality as the H24005, but those modules will come slotted into a device that delivers improved modularity, greater capacity, more processing power, an easier-to-use interface, and enhanced flexibility, all in a compact form factor.”

The system is now available to preorder as a barebones enclosure from $165 or without peripheral modules from $350 with worldwide shipping expected to take place during May 2020.

Features of the EEZ Bench Box 3 modular, open-source test and measurement chassis include :

– Modular architecture based on the EEZ DIB v1.0 specification
– Full-range autoswitch AC input (115 / 230 VAC)
– Minimalist wire harness for simplified assembly and servicing
– Up to three peripheral modules (3U, 35 mm wide)
– STM32F7 ARM 32-bit MCU
– 4.3″ (480 x 272) TFT touchscreen display
– Multiple color themes and the ability to view and configure parameters for multiple modules
– Front panel AC power switch
– Front panel bootloader switch for the main MCU (firmware upload via USB DFU)
– Incremental encoder and user-defined switch
– USB 2.0 OTG and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity
– Four power relays for coupling various power outputs
– Dedicated full-duplex SPI for each module
– Dedicated bootloader control for each module (firmware upload via UART, SPI, or I²C)
– Ø80 mm cooling fan with advanced speed control
– Remotely controllable by 300+ SCPI commands using EEZ Studio or similar SCPI controllers
– Compact, custom-made aluminum enclosure: 290 mm (W) x 123 mm (H) x 240 mm (D)
– NEW! MicroPython support
– NEW! MQTT support
– EEZ BB3 is certified open hardware, and all design files are available on GitHub

Source : Crowd Supply

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