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Graphic designer Mike Peckover based in Ontario, Canada has created a unique notebook and bullet journal which includes a cutting mat cover allowing you to easily cut down those important inspiration ideas to fit inside the notebook or build other documents. The Edge Notebooks 2 is hand bound and eco-friendly with an open flat binding allowing you to easily sketch and make notes on any page.

“The EDGE Notebook is a design-forward notebook combining cutting mat covers and 160 dot-grid pages ideal for bullet journaling. The notebook also utilizes a bespoke, Smyth-sewn bookbinding method allowing for it to open flat and add further utility to the cutting mat.”

Features of the Edge Notebooks 2 include a black self-healing cutting mat covers with white, screen-printed grids, yellow bookmark ribbon and 160 dot-gridded pages.

cutting mat notebook

“The production limit of a Make 100 project allows me the option of binding each book myself, rather than budget my project for a bindery. This helps reduce the cost, making the books more affordable, in exchange for an extended delivery goal. The goal of $4500 allows me to print, bind, and ship 100 books. After the project finishes in late February, I’ll order all materials in early March once funding is confirmed. Turnaround time for the cutting mats from Taiwan is roughly 10-12 weeks, so I will have those around late May. During this time, I’ll be busy ordering paper and binding the pages. The bulk of the binding process should also be completed near the end of May, at which point I can begin attaching the covers.”

Early bird pledges are now available and shipping is expected to take place worldwide during August 2020.

Source : Kickstarter

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