Dead by Daylight arrives on Android

Preregistration is now open for the mobile version of the popular asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight which will be launching on Android and iOS devices during the spring 2020. Check out the announcement trailer below to learn more about what you can expect from the mobile version of the survival horror which was expected to launch in both Android and iOS before the end of 2019 but has unfortunately been a little delayed during the development process.

“Play as an unstoppable Killer or one of four Survivors trying to evade a gruesome death in your favorite 4-vs-1 asymmetrical survival horror game on a fully optimized mobile version for free!”

“DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Mobile is the official mobile version of the well-known 4-vs-1 asymmetrical survival horror game on PC and console from Behaviour Interactive. Iconic characters, immersive environments, deep progression systems — it brings you the classic DEAD BY DAYLIGHT™ experience straight to your smartphone device for free. Will it have the same experience as DEAD BY DAYLIGHT on PC and console? Yes. Although we’ve had to tweak some UI elements to best suit the user experience on mobile, the core gameplay experience and its mechanics will remain the same.”

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