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Following on from the award-winning Duo360 and Duo360 X dual screen laptops, computer system design company and manufacturer Compal has unveiled their new dual screen laptop in the form of the Envision Lite, which has also won an IF Design Award 2020. unfortunately no internal specifications have been revealed by Compal, but you can expect to see the system adopted by other companies under their brand.

The unique design of the Envision Lite includes a removable keyboard allowing you to either position the dual screen devices with the keyboard below or as a dual screen tablet.

“Made for business travelers and content creators, the 13.5” Envision Lite is a dual screen convertible offering the most versatile combination of productivity and mobility. It features a unique keyboard (KB) dock that is perfect for stationary work, then detach to use in tablet or dual screen mode with a full aspect ratio of 16:10 on the go. Pull lever on top right corner of KB dock to prop dual screen upright for greater ergonomic comfort, like split-screen typing during con-calls or reading vertical content format. A newly designed hinge housing a removable stylus provides immediate convenience for editing.”

Unfortunately, no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet, but as soon as information comes to light, we will keep you updated as always.

Source : IF :  Liliputing

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