dual screen laptop

Joining the unique rotating laptop screen concept created by Compal the company has also unveiled its Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X concepts, showcased via the IF Design Guide Awards website this week. No details have been released as yet to whether these concepts will make it into production, pricing or specifications.

As with previous designs the Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X laptops may be sold under licensing as Compal is a contract manufacturer, building a range of systems for a variety of worldwide PC manufacturers.

“With dual displays being the new norm of today for productivity, Duo360 X is a no frill or fuss 13.3” dual screen mobile convertible with friendly, desktop-like usability. Folding out the two screens is easy, and the kickstand in the back not only props up the screen for convenient, centralized vertical viewing, it allows the device to be far more ergonomic for long hours of use. Wireless keyboard is accessible via Bluetooth, and pins back magnetically between the two displays safely. This is a clean, lightweight and straightforward multi-finger touch convertible made for very realistic, daily uses.”

Source : IF :  Liliputing

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