Compal Armer dual-screen laptop

Over the past few months computer hardware manufacturer Compal has unveiled a number of concepts which may be making their way to the PC notebook market in the coming years. One such concept is the Compal Armer which is equipped with a physical keyboard and allows you to benefit from dual screen capabilities without sacrificing usability.

dual-screen laptop

Similar to other Compal concepts which have one IF Design Awards, it hasn’t been confirmed whether the dual screen laptop will make the jump from concept to production. Although Compal does provide hardware to third-party resellers to rebrand and sell as their own, so keep your eyes peeled for similar looking notebooks and dual screen laptops.

Dual screen laptop

Unfortunately no pricing or specifications have been released by Compal for the dual screen laptop but the unique design of the Compal Armer is especially suited to creatives.

Source : Liliputing

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