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The CIGA Design Z Series titanium watch has raised over $2,000,000 million thanks to its Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns. But don’t worry if you have missed either you can still make a pledge via the Indiegogo ”In Demand” feature. The CIGA Design Z-Series mechanical titanium watch is available from $249 or £186, learn more about the watches transparent design that allows you to see its internal mechanism as time passes by in the video below.

“Man has always been fascinated by how things work, especially regarding the beauty of complex engines and complicated mechanisms. Rather than conceal the inner workings behind a characterless exterior, we believe it’s time to bring things out into the open. To see the precise and beautiful mechanics of a watch at work. This is the watch with nothing to hide. A sophisticated transparent fully automatic timepiece made from Titanium and Sapphire Crystal that affords its wearer and those around him a chance to marvel at its inner workings and inherent strength.”

“Containing the precise mechanics is a shell of Grade 2 Titanium, one of the strongest and most distinctive metals. It has unparalleled corrosion resistance and is 40% stronger and 30% lighter than stainless steel—the current standard for watchmakers. The Seagull AAA automatic self-winding mechanics keeps your watch charged without the need of batteries. The natural movement of your wrist literally energizes your watch and makes its wheels and gears move. As you move, a spring winds, storing energy for up to 40 hours. No manual winding required!“

mechanical watch

Source: Indiegogo

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