Butter Royale

Butter Royale

Apple has added another game to it increasing library of games on Apple Arcade, the game is called Butter Royale.

According to Mac Rumors this is basically a family friendly version of Fortnite and you can see the trailer for the game below.

The idea of the game is basically a food fight but in Battle Royale style, each game has 32 players all competing to be the last one standing.

Have the food fight of your life in Butter Royale, a multiplayer battle royale game, and be the last one standing on Butter Island. Play against 31 other players in fast-paced food battles (under 5 minutes), with the help of sauce-shooting, baguette-blasting modified kitchen tools!

You can find out more details about this new Fortnite style game for Apple Arcade over at their website at the link below.

Source Apple, MacRumors

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