beeBot interactive educational robot

Serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Patrick Thomas Mitchell has returned to Kickstarter to launch his 34th project in the form of the BobbeeBot. An educational interactive classroom management tool that help students achieve goals and develop skills. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the BobbeeBot and its features.

“The BobbeeBot isn’t a toy for students to play with, it is an interactive classroom management aid. BobbeeBot interacts with students; telling jokes, offering support, providing live visual feedback of the class volume as well as reminders and warnings to refocus and stay on track. The BobbeeBot helps students progress and develop skills crucial to their learning, increasing challenges to meet the needs of the class as they grow. “

“To students, BobbeeBot is an exciting, interactive addition to the classroom, an engaging robot friend who provides reminders to stay focused and on task so the class can work towards achieving goals. To a teacher, BobbeeBot is an objective extension of their classroom management program, monitoring the class volume, intervening as necessary, freeing you to focus on what’s important: teaching. “

Earlybird pledges are available from C$84 or roughly £49 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during April 2020.

Source : Kickstarter

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