Batbot is a vehicle and leisure battery monitor that alerts you remotely on your smartphone when the battery is about to be discharged beyond use. Launched via Kickstarter pledges are available from just £55 and worldwide deliveries expected to take place during June 2020.

“Batbot is a device that every equestrian, marine enthusiast, motorhome or vehicle owner has missed… until now. This clever product monitors your vehicle’s battery and sends alerts to your mobile device or email when the battery requires charging. No-one wants to miss out on competing at an event, or end up stranded at a campsite, having to wait on break down recovery. Or worse still, spend hundreds of pounds on a replacement after their existing battery has run too low to be salvaged. Also, commercial batteries in particular are notoriously difficult to remove. They tend to be located in inaccessible parts of a vehicle, requiring a Phd in mechanical engineering, or help from a magician to access them! “

Features and benefits of Batbot include :

– Quick and easy to use
– Keeps track of your battery state
– Alerts you when action is required
– Saves destroying batteries with deep discharge
– Regular daily “All Ok” status for peace of mind
– No monthly SIM contract
– First year subscription included
– Low further yearly subscription (£7 ~ £10)
– Chose Sigfox or LoRaWAN version of product
– LoRaWAN has Home Gateway option to provide cover in remote areas
– Helps identify when your battery or vehicle has an electrical fault.
– Avoids the vehicle not starting when needed for emergency or planned use
– Save’s garage call out charges to jump start your vehicle
– 24V lorries can be difficult to find a suitable jump start source for, or require a garage call out. Batbot helps you avoid this problem
– Detects when your battery is discharging to a “beyond use” state and allows you to take corrective action, for example by starting the engine.
– Supports 6V, 12V and 24V Battery Systems.
– Comes with Croc Clips or Ring Terminals as a connection methods. (Accessory Pack provides further options).
– Daily ‘All Good’ status, provides peace of mind that the vehicle is still in a good condition.

Source : Kickstarter

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