ASOROCK watches

ASOROCK watches

ASOROCK watches has taken to Kickstarter launch their first crowdfunding campaign to help bring their latest range of premium watches to market. Proceeds from the watch sales help go towards the building of a libraries in African villages. Watch the video below to learn more about the unique watch brand which has been created to manufacture premium quality watches is leveraged to help expand rural areas across Africa.

“A year ago we took the initiative to introduce you to ASOROCK WATCHES of AFRICA; a truly one of a kind watch brand that started as a 4-year long journey; one that not only offers high-end luxury made watches at an unbeatable price but one that was created with a mission to “manufacture premium quality watches as leverage to build free libraries in rural areas across the African continent” Ever since then we have sold over 1 thousand units (and sold out on the speedracer collection which will never be made again! thus increasing its resale value for you in the future! “

ASOROCK watches

“Being avid watch enthusiasts ourselves, we were fed up with our limited choices due to the inflated high mark up prices of popular name brands. It also didn’t help that we always felt like our collection was never complete (a problem all true watch enthusiasts can relate to). It bothered us even more that we didn’t have a single watch from an African source where we have our roots. All these led to the creation of the ASOROCK range of watches. “

“That’s why ASOROCK Watches is truly more than just another watch company, not only are we more of a charity at heart by using the sales of our awesome watches as leverage to achieve our core aims of helping empower the youths in our motherland and continent, but we are also seeking to create jobs. “

Source : Kickstarter

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