Arduwire UNO

Arduwire UNO

The Arduwire UNO, it is a shield for the Arduino UNO development board that allows users to perform test continuity, open, short, miswires to cables and harness. It is easy to use and compatible with the Arduino IDE. The Arduwire UNO Shield is now available to purchase from the Tindie online store priced at $120 or roughly £96.

Features of the Arduwire UNO include :

– 32 (Test points).
– Green led pass.
– Red led fail.
– Buzzer.
– Library for Arduino.
– Easy to use.
– Expandable MAX 64 (Test Points).

“Firstable it is necessary one cable for test, for example i will test one harness cable with 4 connections. Then it is necessary attach the cable to the Arduwire UNO shield, after connect the arduino to the PC or laptop, and upload one example sketch with the IDE of arduino, please should be install the library arduwire UNO. “

For more details and purchasing options jump over to the Tindie online store.

Source : Tindie

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